Thursday, January 29, 2009


Since just about all the blogs I read regularly wrote about Domino Magazine closing it's doors, I feel like I should too. Unfortunately I got on the bandwagon for this one way too late. I think I actually only purchased three* of them in the past year. It's been my go-to magazine at the airport, for sure, which is probably why I have the issues from May, August and December.

I'm pretty devastated, too, because while I wasn't an avid reader, I really loved it when I had a new one to look through. And now I have a house to decorate, which made it that much more fun. It was truly well on it's way to being my favorite magazine, and a subscription and gift subscriptions were on my list of To Do's. Everyone who read it regularly agreed. I swear to some of the bloggers it was like a death in the family. It feels odd to me that with such an avid and expressive love for it's contents, it didn't do well. Bummer.

Make sure you get the final two issues, February and March 2009. You know February is going to be awesome – look who's on the cover!

You might also like to add the book to your library. If you go to this "flipbook" the last page offers a coupon for 35% off an online purchase at Barnes & Nobel.

So not to be a total downer, here's a little story:

Last night I left the office with a friend of mine. We were walking down the stairs and I said, Did you hear Domino went out of business? And, dead serious, she grabs my arm in shock and she goes, WHAT?!!... ALL OF THEM!??

She thought I was talking about Domino's Pizza.

*These would be the three in my collection.

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