Monday, August 31, 2009

My Friend Carter.

We all know how brilliant and talented and creative a person Carter Pann is, but then, the premier of Summer Songs, followed by something like this has to come out so we can all say "Holy Cr*p" as we remember again, and then get on with our lives. My favorite part of the article is when one of the movements (wrapped around 5 poems read by one of the Queer Eye's guys, designer Thom Filicia) is described: "...[the poem] Pann framed within a wild, tongue-in-cheek concoction of pop and parlor music. The hectic, screwball musical delivery..."

The words chosen in this sentence are perfectly descriptive of a lot of Carter's work and personality.

Me with the musical genius and his nephew.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Miso + Ghostpatrol.

Automatism led me to Daydream Lily, which led me to this really interesting documentary about two street/professional artists in Melbourne, Ghostpatrol and Miso. I am fascinated by them. The 30-minute, 3-part film, miso + ghostpatrol, an ABC2 documentary is available for viewing on YouTube. Take a look at the Ghostpartrol website, the City of Reubens website and Miso's Flickr too, for more images and information.

I'm becoming more and more enamored with art that is given away to the public and love when I discover it in and around Chicago and on my travels as this free expression that (to me) beautifies without permission. The evolution of these two artists to full-time professionals with collaborative, unique, packed gallery shows is also quite inspiring because they have found success doing simply what they love and must do, seemingly regardless of the recognition they receive.

I feel I may be naive, but I find it surprising that there hasn't been more attention paid to these artists. The third video of the series had only just over 500 views at the time of my watching it. Perhaps there is another posting of it somewhere with a lot more hits? But I love that people who draw command the attention to have a documentary made about them in the first place. For me, drawing is a really beautiful and intimate art form, quiet and personal, just like these artists' soft-spoken voices.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Grinning.

This is really very exciting. The fabulous Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, who keeps the blog A Bloomsbury Life, arguably my favorite blog on decorating, travel, and attitudes about life in general, has agreed to use my design as her banner!

I've been a regular reader of A Bloomsbury Life since January and had often thought about designing a banner for it because her posts are filled with gobs of imagery and inspiration for creating one. She writes with such personality and has impeccable taste in decorating, fabrics, shops, art, travel, literature... I could go on and on. It's like she takes you on a little journey with her as she continues to design and enhance her home. And she's so REAL about it – it totally adds to the allure. I've written before about her here and here. But really you should just go read it for yourself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chicken and Normandy Cow.

Picked these two* up from my frame guy this week thanks to a surprise visit from my parents and I'm absolutely in love. I'm guessing I've had them for about 6 years. The price tags on the plastic sleeves were worn yellow. Not sure if you can tell but the wood frames have a little detail and are both brown and black. This morning I got a little sidetracked before work trying to fit them into the wall they belong on without hammering in any new nails. The placement isn't right yet, but they go so well with the room and what's up there – and I am so crazy about them – I wanted to share.

This wall is all sort of farm and old west stuff. That little black and white photograph on the bookshelf is my Mom on a tractor, about 3 or 4 years old. She's wearing those old school leather, sorta like high-top, little kid shoes. Also on the wall is my "Cowgirls at the Round-up 1911" framed poster** that I also love. The message underneath it reads, "The emancipation of women may have started not with the vote, nor in the cities where women marched and carried signs and protested, but rather when they mounted a good cowhorse and realized how different and fine the view. From the back of a horse, the world looked wider". Oh, how I love a big sky.

*The artist is Julian Williams, but they are actually greeting cards from the company Two Bad Mice.

**Photo adapted from a portrait taken at the second annual Pendleton Round-up in Oregon, courtesy Hamley & Co., Pendleton, Oregon. Quote from
The Cowgirls, courtesy Joyce Gibson Roach.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I spent another amazing weekend away from home in Michigan and thankfully took today off to float back to earth. Last week didn't count, as I continued as if I was still on vacation while going to work, and let everything else slide. Lots of cleaning, laundry, wrapping up projects, a trip to Target, groceries and rearranging my bedroom in my future.

On a side note: In part of my dream last night, I was in an old, rusty Bronco or Range Rover with one of my childhood friend's mothers at the wheel. She was wearing a straw cowboy hat and barreling through a field of tall grass, taller than the hood and reaching at least half way up the windows. The noise of that grass as we burst through it was incredible. And the thrill of being unable to see where we were headed as we bumped and bounced forward in the sunshine and blur of maize is something I'd like to carry around with me today.

Image by d.jane.85 via Flickr.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shots around New York.

John Derian's shop, Hugo Guinness flower negative print. Bulldog bag.

Von's. 3 Bleecker. Sauvignon Blanc, "Sewn-ya... Soto-my-yor".

High Line Park. Garg.

Yellow and grey. Color combination that reminds me of our lake house from the 1980s.

Er, Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO.


Equality. Even with aliens.

Beautiful blues, reds.

Hot. Subway.

Yeah, you're not supposed to take pictures in here, but I couldn't help
this one. I didn't use a flash?
The Guggenheim.

Ruth's kitchen window. Daisy. Bruce.

New York was fantastic. Don't really feel like writing about it. Man, I love it there. So much to look at. Next time I go, three full days instead of two. Ever since I did the i55 shots and cropped them to squares, I've been really enjoying that format. Keeps everything uniform, and gives me a bit more control, but I can't decide if it's cheating or not. Bruce's eyes are so cool. They have a deep blue ring around the pupil, then a bright green one to finish them off. Beautiful.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ruth and I finally nailed down our plans for this weekend and it's just so exciting! It would be great if the crappy weather the city's been having all summer would hold off for a few days. Really. Please. Oh, how I love the hot and humid atmosphere that's supposed to be present the month of August in New York.

So I'm already overwhelmed, but excited to browse the furniture, and even more the rugs, at ABC Home & ABC Carpet. Also to view the patterns of Madeline Weinrib Atelier. Mostly I just want to take pictures to put in the someday files. Then, I think it would be fun to pick up a little accent or small piece of art at John Derian. We've joked about the fabulous John Derian and visiting his shop for a while now – and this weekend we get to do it!

But the real fun for me is some of the art we're planning to see and some of the incredible opportunities that have materialized. My trip happened to coincide with the opening of a new installation by Liz Jaff, who I've written about before. So we're headed over to +Kris Graves Projects in Brooklyn to see the work Hedge*, and meet the artist. I can't wait to see how these are put together, and get the effect in person. Yay.

I also decided to bite the bullet and contact Elizabeth Schuppe, to find out if I could view her paintings anywhere. Talk about excitement, she suggested we come down to her studio. If this happens I might flip out**. I've mentioned this art having a strong effect on me. I need to have a piece of it in my home some day. I just love it.

We're also going to the Guggenheim to see the current Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. I watched this video and decided I needed to see it. These models are amazing! Hopefully while we're up there, we'll stroll around the park a little too.

Sunday we're going back to DUMBO to browse the Brooklyn Flea Market. I can only imagine the treasures we'll find here. I can't even begin to guess. But what a great way to spend a morning!

And I haven't even mentioned the food yet. We've got reservations at Salt, Pastis, and Pearl Oyster Bar. And we've been pulling recipes because we're also going to shop and cook at home one night, which I look forward to as much as all the rest of it. And High Line Park. We're going there too.

*About the work: Hedge describes something that surrounds, separates and protects what is valuable. It defines space and restricts movement. It suggests avoidance, doubt and risk. During a time of anxiety and uncertainty, it is reassuring to think of it as something that grows and changes.

**Luckily for all involved, this only means I'll probably just get real nervous, quiet and slow, and have difficulty talking. After the experience, I'll probably act like it was no big deal, but then say over and over, Can you believe...?. I fear that looking at these paintings will make my eyes water.

Credits: NYC street scene image by Melinda Applegate, found on Flickr at Scandblue. Safety Pin image by Hugo Guinness via John Derian. High Line image by Douglas Friedman via the High Line Park website.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh, and...

The invites finally went out. Horray!

Designed, printed, trimmed, glued, addressed, stuffed, sealed, stamped (twice)... by me.


I need to be doing this.

We moved our offices yesterday and today, while still trying to get work done. I'm wiped out. We're still in transition mode, but I'm in my permanent space. I've been in the "dark" for 5 years. Now I get to watch the el, people, bikes and the weather go by while I'm sitting at my desk. Sweet!

Top image by LeilaLeilaLeila via SF Girl By Bay.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I may have to order this chair. (Christmas present from M&D). For the living room. First one that's made me really ready to act.

In this fabric. Can't tell here really, but it matches perfectly. And it's shockingly comfortable.