Friday, August 28, 2009

Miso + Ghostpatrol.

Automatism led me to Daydream Lily, which led me to this really interesting documentary about two street/professional artists in Melbourne, Ghostpatrol and Miso. I am fascinated by them. The 30-minute, 3-part film, miso + ghostpatrol, an ABC2 documentary is available for viewing on YouTube. Take a look at the Ghostpartrol website, the City of Reubens website and Miso's Flickr too, for more images and information.

I'm becoming more and more enamored with art that is given away to the public and love when I discover it in and around Chicago and on my travels as this free expression that (to me) beautifies without permission. The evolution of these two artists to full-time professionals with collaborative, unique, packed gallery shows is also quite inspiring because they have found success doing simply what they love and must do, seemingly regardless of the recognition they receive.

I feel I may be naive, but I find it surprising that there hasn't been more attention paid to these artists. The third video of the series had only just over 500 views at the time of my watching it. Perhaps there is another posting of it somewhere with a lot more hits? But I love that people who draw command the attention to have a documentary made about them in the first place. For me, drawing is a really beautiful and intimate art form, quiet and personal, just like these artists' soft-spoken voices.

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