Monday, November 29, 2010

They start them young in Steamboat.

My favorite little girl gets her first Ski Pass. Go get 'em Em! Better watch your heels little Brother!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Il Poggiolo.

Nora and I went tonight. I love this restaurant. We split the cheese plate and started with one bleu cheese-stuffed, super-chilled Grey Goose dirty martini ($9 on special) and then split a bottle of Barbera for $38. This cheese plate was fantastic: a non-bleu bleu, hard parmesan, and some other third delish cheese, honey, quince, and something else on top... Three shaved meats including proscuitto, a spicy "C" salami* and ___,* melon, pear, figs, dates, grapes, grapefruit. Fresh capers and olives. And a basket of 2 types of fresh bread, a plate of olive oil and cheese. Amazing. Loved. Smells coming from the open kitchen – unbelievable.

*I know these... need to commit them to memory though!

Photo Credit: Nora.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We had a beautiful fall here weather-wise but for some reason I just didn't ever get around to getting outside and snapping some shots. Saturday was a wet and grey day, but as I drove around on errands, I was thinking how beautiful everything looked. Reds and hot pinks and bright yellows seemed to be exploding on every front lawn. I even noticed it on my own.

So I thought, Tomorrow's supposed to be sunny. I'll take a bunch of pictures then. Literally overnight, all the leaves seemed fallen. It kind of made me laugh. But I am also bummed. It's over. These were the few left clinging on, keeping things pretty for hopefully one more day.