Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chicken and Normandy Cow.

Picked these two* up from my frame guy this week thanks to a surprise visit from my parents and I'm absolutely in love. I'm guessing I've had them for about 6 years. The price tags on the plastic sleeves were worn yellow. Not sure if you can tell but the wood frames have a little detail and are both brown and black. This morning I got a little sidetracked before work trying to fit them into the wall they belong on without hammering in any new nails. The placement isn't right yet, but they go so well with the room and what's up there – and I am so crazy about them – I wanted to share.

This wall is all sort of farm and old west stuff. That little black and white photograph on the bookshelf is my Mom on a tractor, about 3 or 4 years old. She's wearing those old school leather, sorta like high-top, little kid shoes. Also on the wall is my "Cowgirls at the Round-up 1911" framed poster** that I also love. The message underneath it reads, "The emancipation of women may have started not with the vote, nor in the cities where women marched and carried signs and protested, but rather when they mounted a good cowhorse and realized how different and fine the view. From the back of a horse, the world looked wider". Oh, how I love a big sky.

*The artist is Julian Williams, but they are actually greeting cards from the company Two Bad Mice.

**Photo adapted from a portrait taken at the second annual Pendleton Round-up in Oregon, courtesy Hamley & Co., Pendleton, Oregon. Quote from
The Cowgirls, courtesy Joyce Gibson Roach.

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