Monday, August 17, 2009


I spent another amazing weekend away from home in Michigan and thankfully took today off to float back to earth. Last week didn't count, as I continued as if I was still on vacation while going to work, and let everything else slide. Lots of cleaning, laundry, wrapping up projects, a trip to Target, groceries and rearranging my bedroom in my future.

On a side note: In part of my dream last night, I was in an old, rusty Bronco or Range Rover with one of my childhood friend's mothers at the wheel. She was wearing a straw cowboy hat and barreling through a field of tall grass, taller than the hood and reaching at least half way up the windows. The noise of that grass as we burst through it was incredible. And the thrill of being unable to see where we were headed as we bumped and bounced forward in the sunshine and blur of maize is something I'd like to carry around with me today.

Image by d.jane.85 via Flickr.

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