Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bamboozled By Bobbi.

Oh Bobbi, you bummed me out. I got this little booklet in the mail last week from Neiman Marcus that basically was a promo for Bobbi Brown, and the last page had a bunch of giveaways for February, April, May and June from the make-up counter. Cool!

This was the image for the February giveaway. And I use it. Double score.

Cute. Little. Pocket- or purse-sized giveaway that I was all excited about because I'd just crushed my blush and needed to go to the store anyway, so, Yay! bonus to stopping by the make-up counter. I thought this would be great to stick in a carry-on or even my bag for an evening touch-up after work. See how cute this little bottle is?

Imagine my surprise when I went to collect and was given a deflated condom-sized package of a one-application amount of the product. At first I literally thought the saleswoman didn't know what "bin" to pull the giveaway from and instead grabbed the everyday giveaway any Joe Shmoe would get had they asked for a sample.

So much so that I looked it up later. I don't think this was an error. I can't wait to see how they pack a 4-colored lip palette into these little packages, but I will tell you, I will find out. I will continue to get these "amazing" gift samples every month they are offered for the sole reason that I can't believe they are so intentionally mis-advertising them. I shouldn't be surprised, but the eternal optimist in me always hopes for the best. Maybe next time I will actually get a 4-color lipstick palette? Let's hope.

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