Monday, February 16, 2009

Katy Elliott.

Kyle, Katy and I stopped in Mig & Tig on Friday to browse around. I was still feeling ignorant about those "cushion buttons" so I wondered again aloud about what that type of upholstery is called – while I was pointing at examples. Apparently Kyle didn't get what I was asking about before because he casually blurted out, "Tufted," without a pause.

So later that night I Googled "tufted" images, and the first one I clicked on brought me to this: Wide Awake Thinking About... Tufted. What a total fluke to have stumbled upon this new blog, Katy Elliott.

Ok, so these two pics really have nothing to do with Katy Elliott other than they were the first ones on her blog, at a quick glance, to cause me to pause. That first one? It's 3-dimensional to me. I could stare at it for a LONG time. These are QUILTS. Then glancing down this (seemingly) simple blue one had a similar effect. It's remarkable.

These quilt designs are by Liz Jaff, posted by Katy Elliot, via New York Times. I hope I am crediting everyone involved (the links aren't working and/or are getting redundent). I totally had to screen grab and remake all the images! so sorry to whoever cares.

I haven't had any time to really poke around in Katy E's blog, or even Liz Jaff's website, but a quick scroll through Katy E's posts and the titles of her side navigation (with accompanying images – brilliant!) led me to these:

Affordable Artworkbicyclepaintings: Bike Prints

ArtistsElizabeth Shuppe: Painter

And House Renovations...

...among so many others! I really like this blog and I am excited to see what else I will find here.


  1. Love the bike guys stuff. Surprise Surprise. I am going to buy Kline's baby the onesie.

  2. Thanks for saying such nice things about my blog