Tuesday, February 10, 2009


SF Girl By Bay posted a set of pictures of "Pink" from Domino and one of them had an ottoman similar to the style I've been thinking of for my bedroom. I was picturing one with a little skirt and the cushion buttons* like this one, only in a dark, maybe navy, plum or deep red velvet, and just a bit smaller.

But I think my ideas started shifting when I added the deer skull and sheepskin rugs. I had imagined a slightly feminine touch without actually being feminine. I also think the navy walls that I love – Benjamine Moore HC-156 Van Deusen Blue – need a little more presence from the furniture. At any rate the antique metal bed I thought I wanted doesn't carry enough weight and now I'm not sure about the ottoman I thought I wanted either. Maybe something a little more contemporary like these fuschia (although not fuschia) ones? Also that headboard wouldn't work for me but isn't it cool?

Now I'm back to the cushion button style. I think what's throwing me in these examples is the light color. These could still work. This one is from JCPenney... the Jessica.

None of these are really it. I guess I'll know it when I see it, but this is a start. Of course there's always the dream. I am dying for something in cowhide. This chair from Design Within Reach would be pretty sweet too.

*If you know the correct term for what I'm calling "cushion buttons" would you please enlighten me?

All the images, except the chair, are from Domino.

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  1. that top picture is how i dream my living room will look - wow - amazing.