Thursday, May 7, 2009

He Said Yes!

I got to talking with my neighbor Jim. The conversation went something like this.

Me: I finally have a family in my birdhouse!
Him: Really? My neighbor when I was a kid had one of those apartment birdhouses, for the Martins. We'd hang out, watch the birds.
Me: Oh cool. I've seen those. Martins migrate don't they?
Him: Yep. I've been noticing some hawks around here.
Me: Do hawks eat chickens?

He kind of ignored me, then said, Probably. We launched into a dialog about Palos, growing up, horses and land.

Him: I grew up with horses. Yea, horses, chickens, rabbits...
Me: What do you think about chickens?
Him: I don't.
Me: What do you think about a couple chickens hanging out over here?
Him: Why'd you want to have chickens? [kind of smiling] I don't give a shit what you do.
Me: What would your wife think?
Him: She'll think you've gone crazy. Then she'll probably want some ducks.

So there was my first step. Success! Next up finding out if it's even allowed. I know my other neighbor Earl won't "give a shit" either but the big hurdle is behind me.

Image found on Flickr by Antoine. I love the misty background.

I also want to share this very funny article I found while searching for a chicken and duck image.


  1. then get those damn chickens!!! but maeve might eat them if the hawks don't.