Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Loot (Part 2).

Earlier I mentioned we went to an antique pavilion place in Michigan where I got the frames and mirror for the bathroom. My Mom got me this pottery. A couple weeks ago at Dinner Club, Sara brought Michelle these neat green pots for her collection of McCoy pottery. Turns out, my Mom has a similar collection of about 30 or so pieces I never knew about. We picked up one for Michelle and I got these three white ones. These aren't all McCoy, but they are very similar in style. The round pedestal in back is a Haeger and the scalloped one is a Redwing.

What's cool about all three of these types of pottery is that it seems relatively inexpensive ($15-55 was the range I saw) and there are a ton of styles, colors, glazes and designs. So it's fun to look for them when you're otherwise just browsing. They are not all signed or stamped, but many are, so while you're picking them up you can start to learn more about a particular set (is it called a brand?). There is so much variety actually, I think they can work perfectly in any home, on display or in use, no matter what your style is. I haven't really dug too deeply into all this yet, but I find it interesting, so when I do I will share what I learn.

Kyle got me that paint-chipping-off-it perfectly frame behind them. This is it's temporary home. I will reshoot it once it's found it's companion and is settled in the right spot. It's great.

After I put that little jade plant from HD ($3) in one, I planted basil seeds in the McCoy planter. I don't know if these will grow or not. I feel like they need more sun. Only it hasn't been sunny so I can't tell if it will get some or how much. It's in a South-facing window? This is why it's called Attempts at Gardening instead of Gardening.

This third shot is actually a pretty true capture of the photograph my Mom picked up recently on a trip to DC. She was trying to tell me how from certain angles and in certain lighting, the fisherman disappears. I never really got what she was talking about. What looks like a black smudge at the bottom is actually a Vietnamese fisherman on water fog and sun that all runs together into one barely differentiated background. When you do get close, you can make out certain details and fine features on the fisherman and ripples in the water that are really cool. Unfortunately I can't make out the signature and I don't have any other way to credit the artist. I wasn't sure about this piece but it's growing on me quite quickly.

I haven't found the right light switch cover yet, so ignore that gross mess.

Sorry for the crappy flash photos too. The weather has been terrible.

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