Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Francine Turk with Elizabeth.

One of our many stops Friday was at Chicago Art Source. I was curious to see the work (and price points) of the wonderful local artist, Francine Turk. I had an unrealizable pipe dream of maybe joining my brother in surprising our mother with one of her stunning horse drawings for Christmas.

Alas, none of these items will fall under the Christmas tree this year, unless our Dad gets on board, which is highly unlikely. Regardless, I loved seeing them in person. I also loved watching my friend see them for the first time, and have her own (thankfully) positive reaction.

Art is such a funny thing. And when, why and what we love about what we see, is fascinating. I got an immense pleasure/satisfaction watching Elizabeth's face on entering this gallery. She looked so happy, and I was so grateful that she was obviously moved.

It's funny to me too, to think of how once I feel confident going into these places, how much my experience will change. It's still a very self-conscious activity for me, and I think the more familiar I make it, the more I will ultimately get out of it, once I can on-the-spot ask the questions I have, and get answers I can only wonder about, hopefully from people who want to talk. For now, I am just happy I'm pursuing these interests of mine, and get to witness the beauty first hand, no matter how awkward it makes me feel in the process.

All images from Chicago Art Source website, a minimal selection. I enjoyed some of the others we saw much more, so stop in for a look. The exhibit ends October 31.

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