Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 'Springs.

I wish I felt more, or was more inspired lately. I don't have much of a drive to seek out new things to post, or worse, regurgitate things others have already found. So here are a few shots I took of my home town, which I love. I love going to the butcher and bakery, waiting forever for my number to be called, and being met by the most amazing smiling familiar faces behind the counter. Or running into old friend's parents, also waiting for their numbers to be called. I love that when I go to the shoe store or fruit store or hardware store, people ask about my Mom and Dad, or Brad.

Tree lights on the pretty trees around the Water Tower uptown.

The best was last summer, when we'd gone to get my fire pit at the local "True Value" hardware store, when the person who helped us knew my mother, BY NAME. And I mean, after she'd been gone for 10 years. He practically asked her if she wanted it on the "house charge". I feel funny about it sometimes, but I literally grew up in Pleasantville.

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