Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things that make me happy.

Really well-worn-in oxford cloth.

Feet dangling over water.

Stuff like this packed in a bag.

White-washed piers.

When this is my view.


  1. Ah, summer. You did a great job capturing it.

  2. Ruthie: I love you!
    N&W: Thank you!
    K: Thanks for your concern. I know you disagree, but it's my FAVORITE THING. Growing up in Texas I get that you don't get this love, but it's my love... I only get to do it maybe a couple weekends a year. I do wear more sunscreen now, at higher SPF numbers than I ever have in my life... no more baby oil which I did do on these same piers for many, many years. With iodine drops. Tin foil reflectors even sometimes.