Thursday, February 26, 2009

Olivia Bee.

I have no idea how long ago, or what prompted me to bookmark Olivia Bee's Flickr page, but I did. It's on my work computer at the bottom of a not-so-long list of basically my friend's flickr pages. I barely ever visit it, but every time I do, there's something new. I'm always blown away by how many views and comments she has, but I never really investigated too far until recently.

I think these pictures are very well done. They aren't exactly my "style" but I appreciate what goes into them. They remind me of fairy tales or dreamlands. They're so charming and beautiful, soulful. The colors are amazing. I love the pretty dresses and vintage feel I get looking at them, like I'm looking at something in the past. The "sets" are unique and well thought out. I could go on and on.

Anyway, like I said, it's usually a quick, sporatic look to see what this woman is up to, and I take away something pretty. Then I realized something. Get this: The photographer is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. If you go to the earlier pages, she's talking about being nervous to START HIGH SCHOOL and GETTING HER BRACES OFF! Uh, what was I doing when I was that age? Honestly I hope this kid keeps it up because I can't wait to watch what becomes of her.

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