Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sharon Montrose.

It's official. I am completely crazy about these Sharon Montrose prints on Etsy. It's embarrassing how often I look at them. It's also embarrassing that now I read her blog and look at her professional photography website, too. I'm drawn to the complex simplicity and design of all of it, but I get immense pleasure out of looking at these animals for some reason (the colors, the compositions, the textures, floor boards, the expressions). I really love them.

The Goat was the first one that got me. Now I have the Single Sheep, the Chick and the Owl hanging in my room trying to pick my favorite so I can order it. I can't do it for myself yet, but my Mom's birthday is next week so I think I'll pick one out for her. I thought these three would be pretty good options. The Goat would strike her sense of humor, the Silky Chicken because she has a few ceramic pitchers, bowls and artwork of chickens in her kitchen, and the Geese because water fowl art seems to be pretty prevalent around my parent's house.

Vote for one of these or tell me which one is your favorite. I think I will order it tomorrow.


  1. Goat
    I think she would get a huge kick out of it. I love that the goat is looking at you.

  2. Goat; and I decided that before I saw Swan's comment

  3. The Nubian Goat was a success. Taken to the framer the day it arrived.

  4. Good choice. I chuckled aloud when I saw that guy staring at me. It sort of looks as if they are in the after-life....?