Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Like Grass. (Me too).

Stumbled upon this Flickr pool, "I like grass". I too, like grass. I love watching it move in the breeze. Or large fields of it swaying in different directions. On one of the woods hikes I like to take, almost my favorite part is the open field stretch, any time of year. The dried and dying is as beautiful to me as the green and thriving. I love the colors and I love the movement and symphonic rhythm it creates.

Pictures of it aren't bad either, huh?

I think this is a great set to visit when you need to take a break. Well anyway, it's a great set for me to visit when I need a break, so I'm recommending it. These last two are a little more gratuitous. Sun spots and glare have become appealing to me recently, and I'm always drawn to a good barn scene. Can't you feel the dampness of that grass?

This last one depicts one of my favorite color combinations in nature. I noticed this first as a lifeguard, and now consider it a treat when it happens: Bright sunny day with a thick storm rolling in. The contrast between the deep dark grey against a sunlit green. I normally see it in tree leaves, but this field (with the maize as an added bonus) is so lovely too.

All images from Flicker pool "
I like grass" by (top to bottom) Julius the Cat, Jason Benjamin, hn, Avarie Riot and Dingbat 2005.

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