Monday, May 18, 2009

Alexander Calder.

I always want to make mobiles when I can't be making one, and then when the time comes where I could, I forget I want to. Then I think of Alexander Calder. Calder may be the first artist I ever learned about and then took notice of how I'd heard about him and never forgot his name, or the artwork he brings to mind. By learned about, I mean I hadn't ever heard of him before I was Taught about him. Not like a Picasso or Monet, who you grow up just knowing about. Calder was truly a 'discovery' for me.

I think having hanging art in a living space, moving and existing, is really pretty wonderful. I love how it shifts and balances and creates an ever-changing visual. Some, like these, make me think of fish and being under water. I think all of them are beautiful. Anyway, my friend Aaron over at Walking Paper posted this project detailing how to make your own mobile a while ago. I've been meaning to do it in my 'spare time' for months now. Beat me to the punch. Show me what you come up with.

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