Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wood-burning Stoves.

Now that it's officially winter season again in good old Chicago, and I feel totally gypped out of the kind of summer I needed to help survive the next 7 months – ah? and where's the anticipated 80ยบ Indian Summer to soften the blow? – I'm trying to focus some positive energy towards things that will make the freezing cold bearable. Like scheduling manicures and getting some new clothes, I think I need a stove.

I have to say one big draw back to ending my loving relationship with my rental apartment of 8 years for the house I have now, is the loss of the fireplace. A crackling fire (even the fake kind with the Duraflame log) would be such a nice reprieve from the cold, windy, snowy, dark nights that seem to be stretching out endlessly ahead of me.

Last year, Katy and Steve installed a free-standing wood-burning stove in their living room, in lieu of a full-blown fireplace, and it's proven itself as a fantastic addition to their home. I'm trying to figure out how this could work in my place. Where? When? How much? I have no answers to these questions, and realistically can't do anything about it for this winter season. But I can supplement my need for a while by figuring it all out, and daydreaming about what could be. So here are three of my favorites I found browsing the worldwide internets. If you have any idea where to actually BUY anything like any of these, please send tips my way. I really prefer these design styles to any of the more modern examples I've been able to find in my browsing. The top one is my favorite.


  1. I don't know where to tell you to start looking for any of the stoves you have pictured.. you might google contemporary woodstove.
    I will say if you are seriously considering a stove you need to consider the fact that you need a chimney... something you didn't mention in your post. Just because it's freestanding doesn't mean it doesn't need ventilation to the outside.. they are very different from vent-less gas log fireplaces.
    I will say that Hubby and I put one in our first home and then again in our second home.. we love them! We live in Central Indiana and have cold snowy winters and they are wonderful to warm up next to when you come in from playing with the kids outside! Wouldn't do without it.. even with the extra dust it creates :)

  2. Hi Suz. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I realize I would need a chimney too. A major part of the expense and reason it probably won't happen this year, unless Santa decides to be really generous!

  3. omg how awesome! i knew you'd find it.