Sunday, November 15, 2009

Graue Mill.

FINALLY got out for a walk in the woods. The weather hasn't been cooperating at all for about the past 6 weeks, so unfortunately that means all photo-ops for the true beauty of colors on the trees were lost, but still got a few pretty ones regardless.

Despite a twinge of a soar throat that kept me home for the most part, this weekend was a good one with some friends, organizing and long naps (3+ hours! both days!). I miss my brother and family lately, so the pending holidays which are rapidly approaching is making me excited for some down-time, decorating and maybe some shopping. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Graue Mill brings back warm and cold memories. can't really explain the feeling. This Singleman Affair video comes close. That's Dan Schneider. He used to play Jimi Hendrix songs on his guitar with his amp in his front yard with the chord plugged into the living room so everyone at Srping Rock Park could hear.