Sunday, January 23, 2011

Northern Lights.

Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis in person?

I did once in Canada, near Red Lake, Ontario. By accident on a beer run to the main lodge at Stormer. I think it was a rock-paper-scissors situation who was to run from our cabin to the main lodge to replenish our stash. The main fear was an accidental run-in with the bears that frequented the property. So we never expected to see the beautiful lights that shone down from the sky.

Yelling to the rest of the poker players to come out and take a look, we all just stood on the dock and stared at what was appearing over the lake. Northern Lights. Another reason I so love being in the middle of nowhere, fishing with my Dad in Canada. It was so surprising and so beautiful. This was a great night. I didn't get good pics myself, but these show a good interpretation of what we saw. I mean, it really is something if you ever happen to see it. You will never forget.

These pics were forwarded to me by my Dad, originally from another friend of his on a recent trip. (I think?)

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