Monday, September 19, 2011


Power-washing may have just replaced vacuuming as my favorite household chore. Except I'm not re-staining the deck on a regular basis – nor do I have a power-washer at my disposal for use on a whim. But talk about gratifying! This is what the deck looked like when I started:

It's so precise! The water shoots out of a little wand at 4000x pressure so exact you could write your name with it (see the swoop below). So it takes a while to cover a surface, but the results are like instant.

I remember when Dave got one a while back and called me to tell me to go get one – that I'd love it. He was right. Now I want one. Check out these spindles. The ones on the right are done, the left not. One straight concentrated swipe up and bam! practically new lumber.

I really can't get over the results. I want to power-wash everything! It already looks like new. I can't wait to see it with the stain.


  1. Totally satisfying! And it looks incredible!

  2. I know that I can rent a power washer but does anyone know a good company I can hire near Raleigh NC?

  3. Same here! With a power washer in hand, I feel powerful just as the name indicates. I know it’s a silly source of control, but hey, we’re having fun here! :D And yeah, the result can be overwhelming, which gives you the feeling of wanting to do more. Just don’t get to the point of intentionally dirtying the deck. Haha! I almost fell into that. XD I’m sure you power washed it last year too. How’s the experience?

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