Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waltz with Bashir.

I have no idea what influenced or prompted me to add Waltz with Bashir to my queue, but there it was on the TV waiting to be played. Oddly, I'm not really a fan of animation. I do enjoy it when I see it I guess, but it's never what I go to. This film was pretty beautiful.

I don't know why it's described as "black and white" because it's mostly in color. What's also great is, if you don't mind cheating, you can play it in English (I think the original language is Hebrew?) and there's no issue that the lips aren't moving with the voice. Subject matter was an interesting personal exploration, the true-life journey of the director, Ari Folman, as he attempted to retrieve memories suppressed from his time spent in military service during the Lebanon War in the mid-80s.

Also I should note that it was illustrated by David Polonsky, and that it won and was nominated for a lot of awards.

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  1. I have it on my queue too. I keep knocking it back. I guess it's time to bring it to the top. I knew it would be good, but it's nice to here it from a real person.